New releases out now

Raven - Inhuman conditions

Brutal and unrelenting harsh noise.
30 minutes of piercing feedbacks and mid crunch rumble.




Moonlit Sun - Glass Skies

Home made sounds heavily processed and delayed, creating hypnotic and rhytmic, almost tribal soundscapes.


Shiver / Sterile Garden - Candle Burning Magic

Shiver: tape loops, field recordings and guitar, slowly flowing from ambient-like passages to harsh noisescapes.
Sterile Garden: a great and intense mix of heavy tapes manipulations, raw sounds and musique concrète.

Nundata - Against His Master's Voice

blasting harsh noise from Serbia, using classical music as sound source

 c-30 tape with broken vinyl

Simon Balestrazzi - Annulled by Inertia

Old school noise industrial

20 intense minutes from S. Balestrazzi, known for his work with T.A.C., Kirlian Camera, Candor Chasma etc..

3" cd-r in miniDvd case

Exu / Shiver

Exu from Brasil and Shiver from Italy, both creating haunting and suffocating death industrial.

handmade cloth package with 2 inserts

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