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A HAPPY DEATH. // SHIVER split tape

co-produced by related labels ANGST and DIAZEPAM.

Two solo acts dealing with inmost nihilist gloomy noise - hailing from Roma and Genova, Italy. Two blends of grim and bleak old school industrial/power electronics - no hope for tomorrow.

Black hand-scratched c4o cassette tape in cardboard folder + inlay.
LTD 1oo copies.

Ecoute La Merde - "Diazépam et autres benzodiazépines" c-40 

Two tracks of pure anguish and paranoia.
A mix of crude harsh noise and field recordings, recorded in a mental hospital.
The true sound of madness.

Standard plastic case with empty Diazepam blister.  

Hexen and Wailing Of The Winds - untitled c-30

Collaboration tape between Hexen (Russia) and Wailing Of The Winds (Italy).

Two long tracks, two hypnotic rituals
Hexen's bewitching drones blend with
Wailing Of The Winds psych-acoustic mantras.


sound samples here