reviews from Dead Formats. Thanks Demian

Autocancrena "Homo sacer" :  Huge, aching drones that sound like the demonic trumpets being heard from 100 miles away. Still sounding your imminent death but from a distance that only a fever dream could replicate. Both tracks are completely terrifying.

Hheva / Shiver "Troubled sleep":  Two dark and sorrowful tracks haunt this cassette. Hheva play a track that honestly sound like ghosts of ancient aliens whispering warnings to you in a language you cannot comprehend. It scary and beautiful at the same time. Shiver do another anxiety ridden synth heavy track that feels like you are waiting for torture. 

soon out:
Andrew  Quitter "Forgotten farms" c-30
Shiver "The light within has turned into darkness" c-20
Fungi From Yuggot s/t c-30
Deprivation "From the gutter to the grave" c-30

A Night To Dismember 3" cd-r