Shiver - They will feed on us

"there dies a man in the depths of the vale:
a bird takes flight from the top of the mountain down into the depths of the vale,
and it feeds on the corpse of the dead man there: then, up it flies from the depths of the vale to the top of the mountain:
it flies to some one of the trees there, of the hard-wooded or the soft-wooded,
and upon that tree it vomits and deposits dung"

treated tape loops and field recordings together with violin and cymbals
from eerie noise ambient
to harsh noise chaos

c-30 chrome tape in handmade bag with small insert and bones

Shiver - They will feed on us I (excerpt) by Diazepam

review from dead formats blog:
Pretty creepy stuff. Starts out very minimal with a sparse, lo fi loop. It then builds up with the sounds of crashing and possibly human wails. It has this vintage sound i have been loving that is similar to Pregnant Spore. Where the sound almost feels like it was created in the 1960s but this was recorded this year. The tape continues with grinding concrete, tuned down guitars and short burst of feedback. It's pretty awesome and very hypnotic. I am already impressed with this Italian label, Diazepam. I believe they are related to the great Ur from Italy. They have just started releasing tapes so I would recommend picking these up right away. This cassette comes in a burlap pouch with some actual bones inside. Eerie."