Deprivation - s/t

old school death industrial - power electronics
a mix of harsh attacks and monotonous, obsessive moods
inspired by the old italian masters: M.B., Mauthausen Orchestra, Atrax Morgue...
feedbacks, tape manipulations and pedal abuse
recorded straight to tape
hiss and raw "stop button" editing

c-30 chrome tape

Deprivation - Mangled thoughts by Diazepam

review from dead formats blog:
Deprivation create a haunting and brutal soundtrack across the five tracks on this cassette. Lots of rhythmic noise in the style of early Wolf Eyes or maybe Brighter Death Now but mixed with some more lo fi drone moments. The second side adds a little more fear with their filth in the form of what sounds like manipulated screams punctuated with loops of harsh noise that hits you in waves. Good work.