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you can buy sold out releases from various distributors like Red Light Sound, Turgid Animal UK, Terror, Abgvrd, Lust Vessel, BlackTrax, Drone Records

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Uncodified - Behaviour traits of stalkers 3" cd-r

Uncodified (Corrado Altieri, member of Candor Chasma, Monosonik, TH26) creates some great, skillfully constructed industrial noise. 22 merciless minutes of rumbling drones, noise waves and field recordings.

 オキシコドン / Shiver split c-40 

 オキシコドン (Oxycodone, from Russia): a deeply hypnotic, slightly evolving track of radio noise.
Shiver: three tracks of dark and brooding death industrial / power electronics.
Blue tape in a black cloth bag with two inserts.