Fungi From Yuggoth - s/t c-30

Cosmic noise couriers.
Synths, guitar and processed feedbacks.
Psychedelic noise jams and spacey soundscapes.
Cloth bag plus insert.
Co-released with Lightbulb Records.
Download it here: Fungi From Yuggoth

Fungi From Yuggoth by Diazepam

review from Existence Establishment:
"Here’s a tape housed in a polar fleece sleeve, I can only assume it’s to protect the outside world from the cold heart contained within these sounds. Fungi From Yuggoth is based on a series of poems by H.P. Lovecraft and this release is available as either a tape from Diazepam or a free download from Lightbulb records.
The promo blurb suggests that the music is recommended for fans of Brighter Death Now and I would have to confirm that’s not far off. There are moments that definitely bring BDN to mind but FFY are a touch more eclectic it seems as it becomes apparent when things break down into an acute dark ambient soundscape complete with picked guitars adding an eerie atmosphere to everything.
The material is unique because it combines several different styles into one. The creepiness of ambience, the death industrial tinges, and even an experimental playfulness which is demonstrated on side B. However it doesn’t take away from the constructed atmosphere so FFY are quite successful in these explorations.
Overall this is an a slab of solid work. Original use of feedback tones, noise, and some musical elements converge to create a unique atmosphere with a classic concept."

review from Kulturterrorismus here (in German)

review from Ambient Churches here (in French)