Two new releases out now

Autocancrena "Homo Sacer" 3" cd-r

Italian act delivering some great ritual industrial, continuing the tradition of bands like early Ain Soph or Sigillum S.
Drones, chants and eerie field recordings (an abandoned asylum, pilgrims' prayers...)
Comes in mini dvd box + insert

autocancrena - Malsana Dottrina by Diazepam

Hheva / Shiver "Troubled Sleep" c-40

Hheva is a great new act from Malta: one long, disturbing dark ambient/industrial track.
Shiver, from Italy, deals with repetitive mechanical loops, samples and processed feedbacks, creating obsessive and hypnotic death industrial, close to Megaptera, Morthound or early Brighter Death Now.

Hheva - Troubled Sleep sample by Diazepam

Shiver - Troubled Sleep sample by SHIVER