Autocancrena "Homo Sacer" 3" cd-r

Italian act delivering some great ritual industrial, continuing the tradition of bands like early Ain Soph or Sigillum S.
Drones, chants and eerie field recordings (an abandoned asylum, pilgrims' prayers...)
Comes in mini dvd box + insert

autocancrena - Malsana Dottrina by Diazepam

review from Dead Formats:
"I am very bummed that I waited this long to hear this. Diazepam has connections to Italy's amazing UR and I should know that whatever they are working on is going to be pretty awesome. This is no exception. Huge, aching drones that sound like the demonic trumpets being heard from 100 miles away. Still sounding your imminent death but from a distance that only a fever dream could replicate. Both tracks are completely terrifying. This is staying in my collection for a very long time.
The packaging is great. Its packaged in one of those mini dvd cases with black printing on red card stock and black and white tipped in plates. A fold out sheet inside gives you some amazing details about the audio's source. No spoilers. 
I would buy this. "

review from Existence Establishment:
"Here’s a very nicely packaged 3″CDr, a step above what I’ve seen from Diazapam already. The artwork is simple and portrays the sound on the disc accurately which is also quite basic in its delivery.
The disc contains two tracks the first Malsana Dottrina is a simple dark ambient piece with delayed and reverberating chants being quite organic and meditative. The second track is more electronic with sinister electronic pulses, muffled samples yet also remaining minimalistic.
The material here reminds me of the quieter moments of Brighter Death Now with a touch of more organic ritualistic ambient thrown in. Definitely a solid effort and good release through and through."

review from Kulturterrorismus here (in German)