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new Deprivation review from Pure Stench blog:
"Up-and-coming Italian label Diazepam (that's the chemical name for Valium for all you nerds) put out 4 tapes in the year of 2011, one of them, the best of the batch in my opinion, is a old-school Power Electronics post-mortem serpent by the name of Deprivation. It seems like this is a straight up simple Noise/PE tape not masquerading as anything of major importance making the sounds here all the more valuable to me. This was a great tape to help get me out of the one-review-per-full moon rut I have been in lately.

The production here is familiar like an old room, typical primal and raw aesthetics that one is used to finding in the Noise genres. This does nothing but help in the overall atmosphere of this tape. Freefalling into sharp harsh noise and gritty background ambiance, each element introduced slowly, until blurring oscillations of power connect it all together. A humming drone crackling at every peak picks you up and carries you through rumbling waves until the final track of Side A which keeps that rumbling wall continuing in a linear way making the almost pure energy found on this tape bounce in sparse movements while speaking logically to your instincts, fending off the horrible urge to just let it turn into a "wall" track, valiantly staying away from the easy. Hats off to you Deprivation. Slow moving MB and Mauthausen Orchestra infected Power Electronics is a style that takes patience to pull off, to continue being unnerving but not irritating, and Deprivation illustrates the pay off of having such patience. Side B is a bit more aggressive attacking in short movements with low-end pulsations and uncomplicated underlying synth and tape manipulations, creating a nice counterbalance, to creep about in the damp depth of this cassette.

Deprivation does what material like this is suppose to do: sound good in that strange way that only Power Electronics can sound good. This is probably possible more-so now than ever because we live in a time when "Music" has almost no individual identity whatsoever. This is fine-tuning for the part of your brain that craves sound. Keep it coming."

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